Sugar Skulls by Snow Violent

You know what’s missing from your cup of coffee? The unparalleled feeling of eating the skulls of your fallen enemies. Luckily for your morning sadism: design team Snow Violent has developed these skull-shaped sugar cubes so not will your coffee wake you up in the morning, but it’ll also come with the smug satisfaction of victory on the battlefield of life.

Artists: Blogspot / Photos: turchuk (via: CRNCHY)

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Tethys, the Greek Titaness of the Deep Sea. 

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This mushroom - thought to be a specimen of Clathrus archeri, or “Devil’s Fingers” - takes the cake for being the strangest and creepiest specimen of a fungus looking like something else. It looks like a cold, dead hand reaching out to pull the rest of the zombie body out of the earth. Those even look like tattered sleeves down by the wrists of the hands.

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